Latest $2 Plus News

It's been a big day today - first we turned 100 (thanks again everyone) then we joined the high tech world of online shopping and listed our first items on EBay. Now anyone can buy packs of our high quality, Australian made Birthday Cards, and we've even thrown in free postage!  Check out all our listings on our new Shop Online page.

Thanks so much everyone for your support - we've just turned 100!

Lara $2+, Pako $2+, Pako Discount Variety and Leopold $2+ all received a delivery of fresh lollies today. All your favourites are back in stock.

Recipe tip: Decadent dessert. Take one bag of our chocolate honeycomb, smash it to bits with a rolling pin, sprinkle over vanilla ice-cream and top with salted caramel topping. Sensational!

If you need some finishing touches for a Book Parade costume (or have left it till the last moment) we have a new range of costumes including Spiderman, Superman, Batman & Mario. We also have wigs, wands, bling and a large range of craft for the more creative parents out there.

Brand new in all our stores this week, lots of colours, sizes and styles to choose from.

Just arrived - a great new range of spring seeds, ready to plant now, including all your favourite flowers and veges.

This is one of my favourite free apps - simply colour in the pages provided on the coLAR App website and watch them come to life. Apparently it's educational too, but our kids just love it because it's fun!  Check out the link on our links page.

Woo Hoo - it's school holidays!  If your kids are like our kids and need entertaining now that the footy season is over, come in and check out our range of arts and crafts supplies.  Should keep them occupied for hours (or at least long enough to watch Ellen.)

Just arrived - a great new range of bulbs, ready to plant now, including spring flowering bulbs, rhubarb, seed potatoes and strawberries.

It's too cold to go outside, so why not stay indoors and get crafty instead?  We have plenty of wool in a huge range of colours to help you create something lovely (and warm) to wear.  If your knitting skills are a rusty check out our Links page for some easy to follow clips on how to get started.  We also have lots of scarfs and beanies ready to go instore if you need warming up now.